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Authentic cocktails. Made Simple

Authentic cocktails.
Made simple.


We think there is nothing better than a perfect cocktail. But perfection requires time, space and commitment. That’s why many ambitious bars and restaurants come to Pontoon. Pontoon brings high quality and fresh cocktails to more people in more places, more quickly.

We’ve perfected some contemporary classics with a Signature twist and we create Custom original cocktails for our more adventurous clients.

Every drop is small batched by hand.

What can we get you?

Our Signature cocktails.

Authentic fresh classics.
Perfected, batched, delivered.

Passion Fruit Martini

AKA the Pornstar Martini. Currently the UK’s leading pop cocktail.


Havana Mojito

Perfectly balanced. Everytime.


So much more than you expect. This is bigger and bolder.

Elderflower Gin Collins

Hamper of summertime flavours made for sunny afternoons and long evenings.

Custom cocktails.

Some clients ask for something truly unique.
Here are a few we’ve created just for them.

Sakura Spritz

Commissioned by Wagamama.

Bloody Mary Reinvented

Commissioned by a 3 star chef.

Jameson Sour

Commissioned by a modern, upmarket British brasserie.

White Port & Tonic

Commissioned by a leading British restaurant chain.


How does it work?


Perfect fresh cocktails.

  1. Defrost and decant

  2. Shake, or just build with ice

  3. Garnish and serve

It really is that easy. Hours of work, presented in moments.

We craft our drinks with the same obsessive care and attention to detail as the world’s finest bars, using meticulously sourced fresh ingredients. After all that hard work, we never heat or treat our drinks, we just gently freeze them, ready for you to defrost and serve.

Pontoon Signature Cocktails are available from frozen food wholesalers. For stocking information please contact

To find out more about how we work visit Pontoon HQ.


Our stories.


Pontoon HQ.

We spend two days a week in our Research & Development bar. That's a serious investment in new product development.



Capture the habits and preferences of their existing demographic - shape something that feels like a natural fit for the brand.


Low alcohol trend.

Whether you are looking for a healthier option or just a more nuanced flavour profile, people are simply drinking differently.