Our Story.

We just want to make this as simple as possible.

Fresh ingredients. Authentic recipes. No bullshit.


Pontoon HQ is the world’s only dedicated, BRC accredited, fresh cocktail factory. We make millions of cocktails each year, but only ever in small batches and always by hand.

Set up in 2014 by Charles Smith and Simon Weston to make great cocktails available to more people in more places. Smith & Weston spent 15 years managing a global experiential agency from Brooklyn, NY tasked with bringing drinks brands to life through taste. These campaigns were developed in a cutting edge R&D facility in London. It was that Test Kitchen that grew into Pontoon. Years of progressive work, thousands of recipes, channelled in a perfect cocktail solution.

We are still obsessive about quality. We don't add any colours, flavours, preservatives or stabilisers. We don't heat or treat - these drinks are raw. To keep them pristine we simply freeze them for storage and distribution.

The Pontoon Signatures are pop cocktails that we get asked for again and again. We think they are amazing – but if you need something different – just ask.

We’ve created thousands of recipes, from the classical to decidedly progressive. Every operator we partner with has different cultural and commercial objectives. Pontoon develops drink concepts that help grow their business and bring their brands to life.

We like keeping it simple here - but simple doesn’t mean dull. When you consider that the gin in your martini might have as many as 47 ingredients - thanks Monkey - what appears simple has many layers to it. Like a distiller, we like to get in amongst those layers. It’s not unusual for a Pontoon drink to use dozens of raw ingredients and take months to develop. This is an ingredient first approach that makes for a more interesting and engaging cocktail. 

This approach liberates our partners from the same 5 - 6 ingredient drinks that are practical to deliver in a busy bar. Pontoon creates exciting cocktails that can be served quickly, consistently and profitably.

We work with frozen food wholesalers to supply Signatures. They are available nationally from Central Foods Group. Custom lines will need to be set up as nominated lines with your dedicated frozen food wholesaler. If you don't currently have a frozen wholesaler we can help.

For any questions about supply chain, operational or technical please contact HQ.

You create the experience, we’ll make the drinks.