Wagamama came to us with really open minds and were very excited to see what was possible.

We showed 25 initial concepts that we felt captured the habits and preferences of their existing demographic, whilst remaining true to the Wagamama brand. The cocktails had to feel like a natural extension of their offer and guests should feel that the creations belong on the menu.


Final line up.

Jasmine Bellini

Cold brewed jasmine green tea, fresh lemon and melon.

Built in a champagne flute, topped with chilled Prosecco.

Lychee Mule

Absolut vodka, fresh lime, ginger, lychee and cold brewed Sencha green tea.

Built in a highball full of cubed ice, topped with soda.

Garnished with ginger and mint.

Sakura Spritz

Rosé, aromatised wines, bitters, fresh citrus and cherry blossom.

Built in an elegant wine glass full of ice and topped with soda water.

Garnish with a mint and lemon wheel.