Low alcohol trend.

There is a modern low alcohol movement echoing broader trends in food and drink. Whether you are looking for a healthier option or just a more nuanced flavour profile, people are simply drinking differently. They want something sessionable. Something they can enjoy a few of, over an extended period of time, without falling over.


An aperitif is subtle and dry. It should be long but still full of flavour. Bitterness, while not essential, can be either just present or more striking. All aperitifs usually benefit from some bubbles.

Bartenders the world over are exploring this style of drink with gusto. Access to new, or often new to them, amaro and aromatised wines (traditionally the cornerstone to this drink style), has led to some superb new drinks.

Low ABV can be seen in the ‘&Tonic’ movement and our fascination with drinks like the Japanese Highball – ubiquitous in Japan and regarded as so much more than just whisky and soda.

The Port & Tonic serve we developed was in response to this trend – a partner wanted something ‘aperitif’ but different. We used infusion to add depth of flavour and body to a white port, that made it stand up to being flooded with tonic water without needing more alcohol. The results are classic aperitif, complex and nuanced, crisp and effervescent.