Havana Mojito.

This drink is about balance and consistency. It’s very easy to get it wrong.

Havana 3 Year Old rum, fresh lime and lime oleo saccharum.

We don't like to waste anything so we’ve used the whole lime in this recipe. Oleo saccharum is a bittersweet syrup made by using cane sugar to draw aromatic oils from citrus peels. It’s an ancient punch maker’s technique that adds real depth of flavour.


Build over muddled fresh mint, ice and top with chilled soda water.

Garnish generously with fresh mint sprigs.

Or ditch the muddle - it can be quicker, and give a more consistent result, to cap shake with mint and cubed ice. Then decant – ice, bruised mint and all – into a highball glass before gently stirring with a soda top.


Real Cuban rum for the most authentic Cuban cocktail.


Pontoon Signature Cocktails are made fresh and then frozen for distribution. They are available from Central Foods Group. To purchase a Signature cocktail contact info@centralfoods.co.uk